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More Characters Added to Theatrhythm Roster

A  new scan has made its way to the internet featuring more character additions for the upcoming game, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. In the scan you can see Cosmos, Kain, and Sephiroth. The full scan isn’t available yet, but it should make its way out soon! Source: 5lipi (Twitter)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Japanese Boxart Revealed

The Square Enix eStore has updated with the official boxart of the upcoming 3DS rhythm game, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The game will be released in Japan on February 16, 2012. There is no word on North American or European versions yet. Source: Final Fantasy Network

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy “Special Trailer”

Square Enix has released a new trailer on the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy official site, just following Jump Festa. The trailer shows off several new locations, as well as each type of event and the new characters. Some fields shown in the video include Ronfaure, outside Midgar, and Mi’hien Highroad. Battle locations also appear to be …

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New Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Scan Shows Safer Sephiroth

A new scan has been released recently that shows off the recently announced characters along with Safer Sephiroth! When it’s been translated I will keep you updated, but until then, check it out below! Source: Final Fantasy Reunion

More Characters Join in for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy!

A new scan has been released for the game featuring several new characters for the upcoming 3DS game, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy! The scans shows us: Seifer (Final Fantasy VIII) Locke (Final Fantasy VI) Rydia (Final Fantasy IV) Minwu (Final Fantasy II) Ashe (Final Fantasy XII) Yuna (Final Fantasy X) Xande (Final Fantasy III) Gilgamesh You …

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New Information and Screenshots From Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Following the recent announcement of bonus characters being available within Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, new information and screenshots have been made available. In order to unlock these characters, you will need to collect crystal fragments throughout the game. Once you find all of them you can unlock the character. This includes Aerith (Final Fantasy VII), Snow …

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Theatrhythm Scan Showing Unlockable Characters in Full Size

The recent scan revealing several unlockable characters in the upcoming 3DS game has been released in full resolution, showing off several recently announced new enemies. Check it out below! Source: Squirrel Emperor (Twitter)

More Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Enemies Revealed!

In a microscopic scan of a recent Theatrhythm Final Fantasy article, enemy more enemies have been revealed! It’s hard to make out some of them, but others are quite recognizable. Adamantoise (Various Final Fantasies) Scarmiglione, Cagnazzo, Barabariccia, Rubicante (Final Fantasy IV) Gesper (Final Fantasy VIII) Gabranth (Final Fantasy XII) Black Waltz No. 3 (Final Fantasy …

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New Batch of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screenshots Shows Prishe and Vivi

A small new batch of screenshots has been released for the upcoming 3DS game, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. In the screenshots you can see Vivi in battle against Ultros, and Prishe in the party select screen. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will be released in Japan on February 16, 2012. Source: Andriasang

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Release Date Announced for Japan

Square Enix has updated the official website for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy recently with the release date and price for the upcoming 3DS game. Players in Japan can look forward to playing the game on February 16, 2012, for the price of 6,090 Yen. There is still no word on the game being brought to North …

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