Sub-Characters Added to the Final Fantasy Type-0 Official Site

The Final Fantasy Type-0 official website was updated today with the two most recent characters revealed, Emina and Kazusa. Emina, who is voiced by Rie Tanaka, is a Suzaku officer who is popular with the students and is known as being a swimsuit collector. Kazusa, voiced by Akira Ishida, is a weapons researcher who has …

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Kingdom Hearts 3D Footage From Nintendo Direct

New Kingdom Hearts 3D game footage made it’s debut at the recent Nintendo Direct presentation. The footage features Neku, along with some music from The World Ends With You! Check it out below. Source: Andriasang

Final Fantasy Type-0 OST Interview With the Creators

Final Fantasy Type-0 will be released this week, and along with it will be the OST.  Square-Enix has recently released a nearly 12 minute interview with the creators: Takeharu Ishimoto, Kawamori Keiji, Noda Hirosato. You can check it out below. Source: Nova Crystallis

Chocobo Breeding Returns for Final Fantasy Type-0

A recent NicoNico presentation with the game director of Final Fantasy Type-0, Hajime Tabata, has brought forth a few new details about the game. One of these details is Chocobo Breeding, which is making its return for the game. In Type-0, you can catch wild chocobos on the world map and then breed them. Normally, …

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Hope Estheim’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 CG Render Revealed

This weeks Jump features even more Final Fantasy XIII-2. This week we get a look at Hope’s CG render, along with the game’s Chocobo Racing and slot machine mini-games. There isn’t much new here information wise however, but you can see information on Hope and other characters here!

Preview Fukui Mai’s “Yakusoku no Basho”

A preview clip on Youtube has been released containing several minutes of the Japanese theme song to Final Fantasy XIII-2. “Yakusoku no Basho” which is sung by Fukui Mai is similar to Charice’s “New World,” but has different lyrics. This song is featured on the Japanese Playstation 3 version of the game. Xbox 360 players …

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Is Final Fantasy Type-0 Heading West After All? [Updated]

While it hasn’t been officially announced by Square-Enix, it seems Steve Blum may have accidentally spilled the beans. He said on twitter the following, Just wrapped up some Marvel stuff. Also started on King for a new Final Fantasy. Look for it mates! If you didn’t know, King is a character from Final Fantasy Type-0. …

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BUMP OF CHICKEN’s “Zero” Final Fantasy Type-0 Theme Song Released

The full single for BUMP OF CHICKEN’s Final Fantasy Type-0 theme song, Zero, has released today. The full promotional video has leaked online. The video, which is directed by Tetsuya Nomura, runs just over 7 minutes in length, and contains various CG and in-game event scenes. Source: Nova Crystallis

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Facts about Story and Characters Revealed

Along with the announcement of the Collector’s Editions for the European Final Fantasy XIII-2 release, they also released a fact sheet about the game. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is created with the aim to surpass the quality of its predecessor in every way, featuring new gameplay systems and cutting-edge visuals and audio. In this game the …

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Final Fantasy XIII-2’s European Collectors Editions Revealed

The Square-Enix Europe Members Blog has updated with some exciting news this morning. Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have not one, but two special edition Final Fantasy XIII-2 versions. This will give them a total of three. Fans will have a choice between the Regular “Pre-order Pack” version, a Limited Collector’s Edition, or a Crystal Edition. …

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