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Simply a gamer who likes writing about the games she plays. Sometimes likes breaking said games and going fast in them as well. I also stream on Twitch (rinimt)!

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New York Comic Con Brings a New Trailer and Screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII-2

Square-Enix has released a new seven minute trailer for New York Comic Con! Warning, if you haven’t finished the original game yet, it is a bit spoilerish for the ending of XIII.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Downloadable Content Will Be Free

In a recent Q&A, Type-0 director Hajime Tabata said that the upcoming game will not have paid downloadable content. The game will have some downloadable content, however. Free items will be offered via connectivity with Square-Enix Members. Additionally, the summer clothing that’s unlockable in the game’s demo will be available to all Square-Enix Members. The …

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Final Fantasy Type-0 Interview from Dengeki

This month’s Dengeki Playstation featured a cover of Final Fantasy Type-0, and with it some new information. A majority of the content is a news summary of all the information we know so far. In addition, a new character named Quon (voiced by Ryoutarou Okiayu) was announced. As Suzaku’s Magic Researcher, he always has the …

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