A Look at Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Upcoming DLC–Sazh’s Episode and New Costumes

As we had previously announced, three new sets of DLC were recently announced for Final Fantasy XIII-2: Sazh’s Episode, and costumes for Noel and Serah. Some images have been released showing off these DLC.

Sazh’s Episode – Casino and Sazh Compilation

Players will have the ability to take control of Sazh, the popular character from Final Fantasy XIII, in a story that runs parallel to the main storyline. Once complete, the player is rewarded with the option of adding Sazh to their party. The downloadable content also includes two new card games, Chronobind and Serendipity Poker, in Serendipity, the Casino-style area that appears in the game in the second chapter and beyond.

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Sazh’s episode will be released on February 28th for $4.99/400 Microsoft Points.

Serah’s Bikini and Noel’s Spacetime Guardian

Additionally, new outfits for both Noel and Serah will also be made available next week. Noel’s Spacetime Guardian outfit and Serah’s Beachwear outfit will be available on February 28 for $2.99/240 Microsoft Points per outfit. The player has the ability to access the outfits at any point in the game via the main menu.

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