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Final Fantasy XIII Steam Release Review

Final Fantasy XIII has always been a bit of an oddball in the series, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. With the game re-released on Steam recently I had a chance to revisit it once more.

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Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Heading for Steam

Thought we had seen the last of it? We haven’t. Square Enix has announced today that the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy will be headed for PC, with Final Fantasy XIII releasing on October 9th. They will be available for purchase on the Square Enix Online Store and on Steam for $15.99. Steam users can enjoy …

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Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 Dual Pack Leaked

PlayStation Asia has leaked a special Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary “Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 Dual Pack” limited edition. With less than an hour until Square Enix’s big Lightning Saga New Development Presentation. The pack will go on sale on September 13th in Asia. As you can see above, the pack includes both games (with Final Fantasy …

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Official European Final Fantasy XIII Site Teases “A Storm Gathers”

Square Enix has updated the official European Final Fantasy XIII site with a new teaser page, “A Storm Gathers.” The site states that the team for Final Fantasy XIII will be presenting a new direction for the saga of the key character, Lightning. The “Lightning Saga” that started with the release of FINAL FANTASY XIII, …

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Final Lost Episode of Final Fantasy XIII Released

With less than a week remaining til the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan, the final episode has been released. You can check it out below! Source: Nova Crystallis

Final Fantasy XIII Lost Report Episode 5 Available Now

Square Enix has released the fifth entry into the Lost Episode series from Final Fantasy XIII. With only fifteen days till Final Fantasy XIII-2 releases in Japan, part 6 shouldn’t be far behind. Source: Nova Crystallis

Final Fantasy XIII Lost Report Part 4 Available Now

Continuing the series of “Lost Reports” from Final Fantasy XIII, the 4th report of 6 has been released. With less than a month remaining till Final Fantasy XIII-2 is released in Japan, the last two will likely be close behind. Source: Nova Crystallis

Final Fantasy XIII Lost Report 3 Available Now

Final Fantasy XIII’s Lost Report’s, which recaps the story of Final Fantasy XIII, is set to have 6 episodes. The third one is now available, marking the halfway point. You can check it out below, or over on the official Final Fantasy XIII-2 website. Source: Nova Crystallis

Final Fantasy XIII Lost Report Episode 2 is Now Available

A couple weeks ago, Square-Enix released part 1 of 6 of the “Lost Episodes” of Final Fantasy XIII. These Lost Episodes recap the story of the first game. Part 2 has been released today, continuing the story of how Lightning and company began their journey. Check it out below! Source: Nova Crystallis