Chocobo Breeding Returns for Final Fantasy Type-0

A recent NicoNico presentation with the game director of Final Fantasy Type-0, Hajime Tabata, has brought forth a few new details about the game. One of these details is Chocobo Breeding, which is making its return for the game.

In Type-0, you can catch wild chocobos on the world map and then breed them. Normally, a wild one would run away when you dismount it. A bred one, however, will stay there and wait for you even after you dismount. There are many breeds of chocobo that are obtainable.


Another detail that came up was some “bonus” dungeons which are unrelated to the progression of the game’s storyline. If you choose to challenge these dungeons, you will be able to acquire good items. There are also some dungeons where your 3-person team will need to split up to explore them.

From the title screen, if you go to the “Tactics” menu, you will be able to find all the main story missions you’ve cleared so far, and be able to enjoy them in multiplayer. You can also play these missions at a higher difficulty than in the main story.

Final Fantasy Type-0 comes out this week on the 27th and will be presented on two UMDs. Along with the physical release, the game will also see a release over PSN which will come in at a 2.4GB download size.