Crystals For Life: A Final Fantasy Speed Running Marathon Begins Today!

Hello all! I would like to announce to you all that a Final Fantasy speed running marathon will be taking place from today until Tuesday, March 19! Crystals For Life is marathon being put on by several members of the Speed Demos Archive community. They will be raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation – or simply JDRF.

Over the course of the marathon, March 15th until the 19th, many of the top Final Fantasy speed runners will be playing through most of the main series (and then some). These games will be played through in many ways you may not have thought were possible.

Not only that but over the course of the marathon there are a TON of prizes to be given away. You will also have the opportunity to put your donation towards a wide variety of incentives – some to simply rename characters, others to add extra bosses to the runs, others to view simply hilarious glitches. That is just a sample of the various incentives available for the marathon.

You can watch Crystals For Life at This website will give you a list of the prizes available, a look at all the people participating in the marathon, and the schedule – the schedule will even auto convert itself over to your local time zone on your computer!

Be sure to help spread the word to everyone you know about the marathon!