New FFXIV Patch 3.3 Content Revealed

Early this morning concluded the 29th Live Letter for FINAL FANTASY XIV, introducing a plethora of newer content coming to the game in the upcoming Patch 3.3 now titled Revenge of the Horde. The event also featured Akihiro Hino, the special guest of the Live Letter and the CEO of Level-5. After asking Naoki Yoshida a few questions himself, the two announced that a collaboration will be taking place between Yokai Watch 3 and Final Fantasy XIV.


A preview of the upcoming main scenario.

Two new dungeons will be made available in the upcoming Patch 3.3, the first of which is known as Sohr Khai and will be taking place during the main scenario. The second is Hullbreaker Isle (Hard), a location players first encountered in Patch 2.3, Defenders of Eorzea. In addition to this, the team revealed the name of the next Alliance Raid, known as The Weeping City of Mhach. Our friends at Nova Crystallis have provided screenshots taken from the live stream of these new instances:


Screenshot of Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) from the Letter from the Producer Live XXIX.


Screenshot of Sohr Khai from the Letter from the Producer Live XXIX.

Information about Sohr Khai seem to imply that this dungeon will be located within the Churning Mists. Additionally, the background music played during the visual preview during the live stream is a fast-paced rearrangement of the area theme from this location. Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)’s preview shows the area to now be regulated by the Maelstrom, and appears to be a fenced-in training ground for adventurers, not too different to what players saw in Halatali (Hard).


Screenshot of The Weeping City of Mhach from the Letter from the Producer Live XXIX.

The Weeping City of Mhach displays a large outdoor area leading into and through a grand pyramid, with the final encounter of the raid seeming to take place at its peak. It is unclear where in Eorzea this is located, but the landscape surrounding the pyramid appears as very luscious and green.

Also coming are two newer features known as the Aquapolis and the Palace of the Dead. The Aquapolis is a dungeon-like feature balanced for up to 8 players that has a chance of becoming available any time a player opens a treasure via Timeworn Dragonskin Maps. The Palace of the Dead on the other hand, is a feature available at level 17 and onwards, where players go deeper and deeper down floors, scavenging for items and dealing with seemingly randomized encounters, including potential bosses.


The Palace of the Dead


The Aquapolis


Two new Trials (a normal and an extreme mode) have been announced, although the identity of who players will face off with this upcoming patch is still a secret. However, if the past is anything to go by, the next two Trials will both be from the Warring Triad questline following Sephirot’s defeat in Patch 3.2.

A new PvP instance known as the the Field of Glory (Shatter) was also announced, and is similar to the previous Frontlines campaign Seal Rock (Sieze). It is not confirmed whether alliances will be locked behind grand company or not, but seeing as the map seems to be located in Coerthas, it is possible that this may no longer be the case.


Field of Glory (Shatter)

Other smaller features, such as a Raid Finder and newer housing plots and gardening features, have also been confirmed to be in development. Beast Tribe Quests will be continuing with a new quest hub featuring the moogles and dragons of the Churning Mists. The popular Hildibrand questline will be continues as well, along with a new update to the ever-expanding Anima Weapon questline.


Beast Tribe Quests with Moogles and Dragons

There were also plenty of announcements regarding the crossover event rewards between Yokai Watch and Final Fantasy XIV. The event will feature thirteen new minions, a Yokai Watch-themed weapon for each job, and a mount, which can be viewed below.


The new mount.


Summoner weapon.


Black Mage weapon.


Bard weapon.


Warrior weapon.


Scholar weapon.


Ninja weapon.


Dark Knight weapon.


Astrologian weapon.


White Mage weapon.


Dragoon weapon.


Monk weapon.


Machinist weapon.


Paladin weapon.