Final Fantasy III Heads to PlayStation Portable

It seems despite the release of the PlayStation Vita several months ago, Square Enix is still going to bring some of the classics to the PlayStation Portable! They have recently announced that Final Fantasy III will be heading to the system. However, unlike the PSP release of Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy III’s re-release will feature the DS version (with a mix of the iOS version).


On the left: Final Fantasy III on the Famicon. On the right: Final Fantasy III on the Nintendo DS.

Final Fantasy III was originally released only in Japan for the Famicon, however in 2006 it made its long awaited way elsewhere on the completely remastered DS version. In this version you take control of Luneth, Arc, Refia and Ignus (un-named heroes in the Famicon version). Final Fantasy III is the second in the series to feature specific job classes and the first to allow you to freely switch between them as you go through the game.

Final Fantasy III on the PlayStation Portable will be released in Japan on September 20, 2012 for a price of 3800 Yen for the UMD or 3300 Yen for download. There is no word yet on a release elsewhere.