Final Fantasy IV/V/VI Piano Opera Announced Plus Several SQ Albums

For the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary this year, Nobuo Uematsu, composer for much of the series, is releasing a few piano arrangement albums. The first one, featuring piano mixes from Final Fantasy I, II, and III is due out the end of this month, February 29th, for 2800 Yen.

  • 01: Prelude ~ Opening [FFI]
  • 02: Main Theme [FFI]
  • 03: Town Medley [FFI/II/III]
  • 04: Mount Gulg [FFI]
  • 05: Matoya’s Cave [FFI]
  • 06: Main Theme [FFII]
  • 07: The Rebel Army [FFII]
  • 08: Tower of the Magi [FFII]
  • 09: Battle Medley [FFI/II/III]
  • 10: The Boundless Ocean [FFIII]
  • 11: Crystal Cave [FFIII]
  • 12: Eternal Wind [FFIII]
  • 13: This is the Last Battle [FFIII]

Following this, Nobuo Uematsu is composing yet another piano arrangement album, this time for Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI! The teaser site for this album recently opened, and it is due out May 16th for 2800 Yen.

Also recently announced is two more SQ remix albums – SQ Chips2 and Beer SQ. You can check out their announcement trailers below!