Final Fantasy VII PC Available Now

Square Enix has re-released Final Fantasy VII for PC today. The PC version features slightly updated and smoother graphics (characters have mouths for example) along with an updated script*. Final Fantasy VII for PC was originally released in 1997 and has been re-released for use on newer computers.

*Note that Aerith’s name is still said as Aeris in this release.

This version also includes “achievements” which range from using your first limit break to defeating the optional weapons. There is also a character booster available which will allow you to boost your characters stats if you wish. The game also has the availability of cloud saving.

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Final Fantasy VII for PC is currently available exclusively for Square Enix Members for the price of $9.99. The game will be available for all on the Square Enix eStore for $11.99 starting on September 12th. A Square Enix Members account is free of charge and will grant you access to a multitude of benefits including yearly rewards and the ability to post on the official forums.

Expect impressions on this version from us soon!