Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster Review

It doesn’t really feel like all that long ago when I went and got 100% for this game on the PS2 version. While of course that may have been the game’s in-game counter for 100%, it was never truly 100%. Why? Because I never got to experience the amazing additions to Final Fantasy X-2, the additions only available in the International version – Creature Capture and the Fiend Arena. This is, quite honestly, the best feature of FFX-2 HD Remaster – perhaps of even the entire collection.

ffx2hdapr_01In comparison to Final Fantasy X HD Remaster, Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster feels a lot like an afterthought. This, in the end, actually ends up helping this game. It looks and sounds a lot better than Final Fantasy X, mainly due in part to them not absolutely ruining the models or the music.

The core game of Final Fantasy X-2 is still here – those who disliked the story in the past will still dislike it, those who absolutely loved the combat system will still love it. As mentioned before, the best part of this release is the fact the International content has finally seen an English translation. It is very easy to find yourself spending many hours just fighting in the fiend arena, trying to beat that latest challenge, just seeing what combinations you can make to do so.

Then there’s the fiend tales – short stories for every single fiend you can capture (minus almost every Humanoid). Most of these are quite silly, but a good fair few of them feature some interesting rewards. Adamantite in chapter 1 if you follow a particular series of tales? Sure! Completing these tales can also unlock new challengers in the arena, ffx-2_battle2and there’s even some you can complete to unlock superboss battles!

As you go through the various chapters of the game, more fiends become available for capture. Though, with this, there comes a risk – rush to the final chapter too fast and you will find yourself struggling to get through a gigantic pile of available creatures in Luca to get the previous chapters creatures. Luca is the “catch all” location that receives fiends from every area – sometimes even ones from future chapters!

In the end, Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster is what I wish they had just done with Final Fantasy X and that they had just spruced FFX up a bit. Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster, to me, is quite well done, minus a few translation hiccups here and there on the new content. If you are one of those who, in the past, could not stand the story and turned it off immediately, I highly suggest giving this version a chance just for the newly translated International content.


Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster Score


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I would like to thank Square Enix for providing me with a copy of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (PlayStation 3 Version) for review.

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission will be covered in part 3 of the review, along with thoughts on the bonus audio.