Final Fantasy XI Begins a “Moogle’s Law” Contest!

Square Enix has begun a new contest within Final Fantasy XI! The “Moogle’s Law” contest is basically a contest of sayings of things that just always seem to happen within Final Fantasy XI. To enter into the contest you simply need to post your own saying here.

Three winners will be awarded a Nomad Moogle in-game item, as well as being able to tweet their “laws” from the Final Fantasy XI Twitter account.


As some examples, here’s some the team came up with (and some personal ones I have thought of myself):

  • Camate: If you just ate 3-hour food, you’re going to be KO’d in your first fight.
  • Rukkirii: Whenever you cast invisible and sneak, they will always wear off in the middle of a group of monsters aggressive to magic.
  • Bayohne: When rushing to an LS event, you’re guaranteed to have forgotten to change from your BLM support job.
  • Hvinire: Someone will always forget they left their orb in storage until they arrive at the BCNM.
  • If you blink, your tank dies.
  • The one time you miss an event, that one rare item you’ve been waiting ages for will drop.
  • Whenever you are competing against someone on a roll, the more you want the item, the lower you will roll.