Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Update

It seems that Square Enix has decided to be kind: DLC that was previously pre-order only is making its way onto Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

First up, in Japan, the store has recently been updated to add Noel’s Calamity Blade and Muramasa, as well as Serah’s Genji Bow for 100 Yen each. The content will also be making its way onto the Asia store, as-per a listing there.

For North America, Xbox Live and Playstation Network have recently updated to include the Serah’s Seraphic Wing and Summoner’s Garb, Noel’s Calamity Blade, and the Omega boss battle.

So, if you had previously missed out on getting these pre-order bonuses, you can now enjoy them!

Note: There is no word yet for Europe, but it is likely they will also be seeing these available for purchase soon.