Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Episode 3

Just ahead of next weeks Tokyo Game Show some new light is being shed on Final Fantasy XIV. Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida, along with Foxclon and Yoichi Wada took part in an all new Letter from the Producer live event earlier this morning. If you missed out we have a full transcript along with the 90 minute video with everything you need to know on A Realm Reborn. A fully subtitled video in higher quality is expected next week so stay tuned.

Q1: Ramuh and Titan have debuted, but can we expect other primal battles to appear?
A1: Of course! I hope you’re all excited to check them out!

Q2: Any other FF element besides Crystal Tower, Magitek Armor, and Gold Saucer planned?
A2: We have a lot of ideas in mind… While we don’t want to ruin it just yet, we hope you’ll stay tuned!

Q3: Will we be able to ride on an Ahriman mount right away?
A3: We’re currently looking into the mount and thinking about when we will be able to show it off. We would like to prepare a variety of mounts for A Realm Reborn.

Q4: What’s going to happen to our path companion?
A4: We will temporarily be removing the path companion. In the future, we plan for players to be able to change their gear and actually fight by your side.

Q5: Will dated items remain in A Realm Reborn so that it will be possible to equip/trade? Will it be deleted?
A5: Since these items will not be obtainable in A Realm Reborn, we’re considering making them unique/untradeable. However, we don’t have any plans of deleting them, so please rest easy.

Q6: Will you wipe gil from our characters or change the currency with the launch of ARR?
A6: No, there won’t be a gil wipe. However, we do currently have plans to decrease the max digit by 1 (999,999,999 > 99,999,999)

Q7: When will musketeer be implemented?
A7: Including samurai and ninja, we are currently at the stage where we are looking into which we would like to add next, so we haven’t yet decided on the specifics. However, in the future we are imagining dual wield and double barrel guns, so please look forward to it!

Q8: Will there be any primal shield gear implemented in the future?
A8: Yes, we do currently have plans to implement a shield based on a primal… [Showed off some artwork!]

Q9: Will we need to clean up our inventory because the max inventory is going to be reduced to 100 slots?
A9: No. Any items over the 100 inventory limit will be transferred to a NPC. Players will be able to obtain their items by speaking to the NPC.

Q10: Will you ever sell the “Meteor Survivor” polo shirts?
A10: There has been a huge amount of requests for this, so we would like to sell these at events and what not in the future if possible.

Q11: Will the new graphics engine be compatible with DX9, DX10, and DX11?
A11: At launch, the graphics engine will not be compatible with DX11. However, there are plans to implement DX11 compatibility after the launch of ARR.

Q12: How will crafting and gathering change in A Realm Reborn?
A12: For crafting we will have something known as a crafting journal, and when you select the item you would like to make from the journal, it will be possible to confirm how many materials are necessary and select which materials you will use from the list. Also, we will be implementing something known as CP, so as long as you have them you will be able to execute actions and craft continuously. Additionally, it will be possible to craft in mass quantities.

In regards to gathering, we will be making it possible to select whether gathering points are displayed via an ability. Depending on the gathering point the items you can gather will differ, but depending on your experience you will be able to determine the items you can gather and it will be possible to use actions to aim for the items you want to gather.

In A Realm Reborn, when making a new character we will be limiting the class selection choice to battle classes only. After proceeding through the tutorials your character will grow and the Armory system will be unlocked, thus enabling you to change into a Disciple of Land or Hand class.

Q13: Are there any plans to increase the level cap? If so, when?
A13: At the launch of A Realm Reborn, the level cap will still be 50. We have not yet decided on the exact timing to raise the cap.

Q14: Can you tell us the minimum and recommended specs for the PC version of A Realm Reborn?
A14: We’ve announced the specs on the alpha test recruitment page, but these specs are mainly for the alpha version, and we are currently thinking about what kind of line to draw for the minimum specs post-alpha. The game will run on specs much lower than you’re expecting, but please hang in there a bit more for the post-alpha specs.

Q15: What will you be doing to fix instance congestion?
A15: With the new server structure, instances will be switched in real-time so the congestion will be toned down by a large amount. In ARR, players won’t be spamming the same content over and over. Also, there will be a number of different types of content available with the launch so everyone won’t be focusing on the same content.

Q16: Will you be doing anything to make it easier to /tell people who are shouting?
A16: In our current internal build we have implemented a feature where you can click on the player’s name in the chat log and send them a tell (not yet in alpha).

Q17: In an interview, you mentioned how monk will be changed in ARR. Could you go into more detail?
A17: Monks will be the ones that will go through the most change. Currently, the monks are more of a hybrid style, but in ARR, they will be all about chaining skills endlessly. Also, this will be bolstered by the battle pace being increased greatly in ARR.

Q18: Will you improve the stress related to retainer placement in the markets and the constant Ul’dah crashes?
A18: We completely rebuilt the servers from the ground up, so we’d like to have everyone stress test during the Alpha test to see how many people we can put into a single server and determine how we should split up the server. In regards to the market, we are also revamping this completely. Since there were difficulties making all of the retainers visible, we are planning for large scale improvements so you can search more specifically and also make it so you can display only the things you are interested in within a ward.

Q19: Can we see the PS3 version…?
A19: We’ll be releasing the initial information around mid-October. I believe we’ll have screenshots first, but please hang in there! The actual video is pretty (while looking at the Windows version screen), but the quality is a bit messed up in the broadcast.

Q20: I saw some new artwork… What is this (artwork for the upcoming housing system)?
A20: With the new housing system, there are multiple themes such as “wilderness,” “sea,” and “forest.” Players will purchase the land and also the right to own a house. Once you build a house, players will be able to create their unique house by selecting from a list of parts. Also, players will be able to place furniture created by Disciples of the Hand and build a chocobo farm in
their yard.

The housing system will have updates dedicated specifically to housing. I’m sure players will really enjoy the housing system. Additionally, objects within the house can be placed via drag & drop (including the PS3 version).

Lastly, there are plans to implement huge spaces of land that cost a fortune!

Q21: When will the A Realm Reborn benchmark be released?
A21: We’re planning to release multiple benchmarks. Also, we’re planning to release a character creation benchmark, and you can create the character of your liking. Additionally, we’re considering making it so you can carry that character over to A Realm Reborn.

Q22: If I want to use certain gear sets with multiple classes/jobs, will I have to create a copy of the set for the other classes or will I be able to share them among multiple classes/jobs?
A22: You will have to create separate gear sets per class/job. However, this is one of the functions we would like feedback on during the Alpha test. Please be sure to test it out and let us know what you think!

Q23: In ARR, will Disciples of Magic be able to cast spells while in passive mode?
A23: In ARR, the character will go into active mode and draw their weapon as soon as the casting animation begins.

Q24: Will the character customization options such as face type, hair style, voice, etc. increase in A Realm Reborn?
A24: We are adjusting the portions that were previously dispersed between different races and clans.

Q25: Will the NPCs that appear in the current version such as Yayake and Popori appear in A Realm Reborn as well?
A25: (While showing off an image) For NPCs that appear in the current version, we redesigned their equipment for A Realm Reborn since we wanted to make their equipment stand out more. However, it will take quite a bit of time, so for the Alpha test the equipment will be the same as the current version. We are planning to change this moving forward.

Q26: Will players that have been playing through to A Realm Reborn and those players who are starting from A Realm Reborn be able to play together from the start?
A26: First, we’re planning to increase the amount of new worlds. Players starting with the PS3 and new Windows version players will be able to choose whether they want to play on a new world or an existing world.

Q27: Will players be able to go to new areas such as Sharlayan, Ala Mhigo, Garlean Empire, and Ishgard? Also, will there be new areas introduced?
A27: As far as Ala Mhigo and Ishgard goes, they won’t be available immediately at launch. All the areas will be revamped in ARR so you can consider all the areas “new.” You’ll see new settlements, monsters, and dungeons. Also, the dungeons will be three times the size that they are now. If we introduce Ishgard and make further changes to the current nations, it will take another year to launch the game… Furthermore, Ishgard and Ala Mhigo areas will be introduced in order. Stay tuned!

Q28: Are there any plans to have a second job for each class? For example, gladiator > dark knight.
A28: The Battle Team responded that if they have the time they will do it. Currently they are working full force for the A Realm Reborn battle system, so once they finish that up they’ll take a look into it.

Q29: Please tell us more about Free Companies!
A29: A Free Company can be created by four players that belong to a Grand Company and then visiting GC counter. A shared item box will be given to those four players. Also, players will set the access level on the shared item box (i.e. only the leader can access, etc.).

Players will be able to change their emblem and create larger houses as they increase their Free Company level. Also, players will be able to form an alliance with other Free Companies and have their own shared bulletin board.

Q30: You mentioned that the existing content names would stay the same but the content itself would change drastically. How will leves, behest, NMs and hamlet defense change?
A30: There won’t be major changes to leves. They are content that you can continue to progress by continuously doing it the same as now. The changes for behest are large enough that we feel it would be better to change the name to make it easier to understand, though.

For NM battles and hamlet defense, we are making content that encapsulates them and will be integrating it into this. Also, we can’t really talk about the specifics, but we are planning to add content to each field area that is easy to join and leave.