Final Fantasy XV to Receive a Demo in 2015 & Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Dated

To those who have been looking to play Final Fantasy XV they will be able to experience it’s first demo, “Episode Duscae” in 2015. Square Enix announced this news today via GameInformer. According to the news, the demo will focus on the early parts of the game. Of course, some parts have been slightly altered for a better demo experience.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD/Final Fantasy XV Promo Art

To those who buy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, they will be able to get the demo for free thanks to a voucher. Additionally, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has been apparently dated for March 17, 2015. A Square Enix representative could not confirm if the demo would be available the same day as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, but the demo will be available on both PlayStation 4 and XBox One when it does release.