Huge Kingdom Hearts 3D Update: March Release and New Worlds

Jump Festa has begun and with it new information for Kingdom Hearts 3D has been made available.

Final Fantasy Reunion has reported that Kingdom Hearts 3D is now due for a release in Japan in March of 2012. Square Enix has previously announced it for a general Spring timeframe. They also mention that there are currently no plans for a hardware bundle (presumably meaning that it was not mentioned at Jump Festa’s trailer).

Images of the control chart were also taken!


The chart on the left shows you how you can call your Dream Eater companions by building up your Link Gauge. Next is a look at the game’s Free Flow Action system, where you can press Y while in the air to perform a variety of location-based actions.

The chart on the right shows the Reality Shift system. As detailed before, when you attack enemies, their target icon will sometimes change. If you either press X and A at the same time or slide down on the touch panel, you’ll trigger a Reality Shift move. The chart shows a move called “Wonder Comic” where random characters from the Three Musketeers appear.

Also on the right chart is the game’s Drop system. When your Drop Gauge, which is shown in the screen’s lower right, reaches 0, your character falls asleep and you will switch your character and stage. You can also trigger this manually if you want to switch.

According to FF Reunion the Jump Festa demo included Pinocchio, Notre Dame, Three Musketeers and Tron: Legacy stages. There was also a shooting mini game that had Sora gliding through the stage.

Square Enix also showed a lengthy trailer for the game. It clocked in at eight minutes long and apparently showed the latest cameo from The World Ends With You, Raimu Bito. Characters revealed within include Terrnot, Vanitas, Xion, Roxas, and Axel from Kingdom Hearts, and Joshua, Rhyme, and Shiki from The World Ends With You.

You can also check out some new screenshots below: