Jihl Coliseum Battle Confirmed for North America and Europe

Recently we posted about the upcoming Jihl Nabaat DLC Battle receiving a release date in Japan. Well, it has now been confirmed that this battle will also be making its way to North America and Europe on March 13th. It will be priced at $2.99/240 Microsoft Points, in line with the other DLC battle pricings.

The Jihl Nabaat battle will include her being able to summon monsters and PSICOM soldiers, and after they’ve attacked for awhile, she will absorb them to regain  their enjoy which will heal herself. She will then cast stop on your party while she executes her physical attack. When she has finished her attack, all the original summons will return making for an extremely challenging battle! When defeated, she will join your party as a Saboteur.


Also confirmed for North America is the Lightning scenario DLC, “Requiem of the Goddess,” due out mid-May. There are no pricing details available yet.

7718Seraphic Wing_01 copy7720Muramasa_01

Recently released on Playstation Network and Xbox Live are new weapons for both Serah and Noel. Noel’s Catastrophe Blade and Muramasa, along with Serah’s Seraphic Wing, are available for 80 Microsoft Points/$0.99.