Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII–New Gil and Time Information

In the months since Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s original reveal, several gameplay tweaks have taken place as often happens during the development of a game. Thanks to Japanese magazines this week, we have more information pertaining to the game’s time mechanics.

As we know, Lightning will have 13 days to save the world and everything she does will steal it away, though there are exceptions to this. Browsing around in menus is immune to time, and battles are immune to time so that you don’t have to worry about rushing through them.

It was previously said that gil (money) would be harder to obtain in Lightning Returns, however it now seems that it will drop freely from fallen enemies.

Lightning’s HP no longer recovers at the end of battle, however she will slowly recover some just by standing around on the field. Should you not wish to wait you may use things such as items, inns, or restaurants to recover health, however these aren’t free.