Matthew Mercer to Voice Trey in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Following the long overdue announcement of Final Fantasy Type-0 for the West, the voice cast has already begun to be revealed. Matthew Mercer, who has previously worked with Square Enix as Edge Maverick from Star Ocean: The Last Hope, has revealed that he will be voicing Trey. Aside from having voiced Edge, Matthew Mercer is also known for his work in Fire Emblem: Awakening and the Resident Evil series. Trey is a bow-wielding member of Class Zero in the Suzaku Akademia in Rubrum.


You can pre-order Final Fantasy Type-0 HD now. There has been no release date announced yet.

Edit: It would seem another voice has been revealed! Cristina Vee has revealed that she will be voicing Cinque!

“Guess what guys! I voice Cinque in Final Fantasy Type-0 and Agito. Happy to be part of the FF world and lore.”

Source: Cristina Vee’s Twitter

Edit 2: Yet another reveal! Orion Acaba has revealed that he will be voicing Nine, a spear-wielding member.

“I am so proud, happy and thrilled to finally and officially announce that I will be playing the character “Nine” in the new Final Fantasy Type-0 game!!!! I have owned, played, and beat all of the previous Final Fantasy games and it is a true honor and privilege for me to now be a part of this wonderful story. I remember my last day recording for Nine close to two years ago, and as I drove home I welled up with tears of pure elation and joy. There have been a few times in my life where that has happened, and as I watched the giant trailer at E3 with Agito running, I stood there, watched and I felt that joy once again. More to come!”