More Costumes Confirmed for Final Fantasy XIII-2

It seems May is getting yet another DLC set. According to Dengeki Playstation, new costumes for both Noel and Serah will be coming out.

Serah will be getting a white mage outfit that apparently looks very similar to Yuna’s white mage outfit in Final Fantasy X-2 (seen below). Noel’s will be a black mage outfit.


Mog will also be getting some love it seems, as some costumes for him are also in the works. It is said he will get 16 different styles of outfits that he can use, including devil, pirate and panda costumes.

This DLC joins May with the release of Snow’s episode on May 15th, and Lightning’s Story: Requiem for the Goddess will be out at the end of the month. Full pricing and other details should be available soon!


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