More Final Fantasy Type-0 Details From Dengeki

Thanks to Goli, a complete translation of the important parts of new information for this weeks Dengeki Playstation is available!

In the Peristylium

Some facilities are unlocked as you progress through the game’s story:

“Alto Crystarium” used to develop characters.

“Chocobo Ranch” for raising Chocobos.

“Arena,” where characters can earn additional experience points.

“Kazusa’s Room” for weapon synthesis.

In Kazusa’s room you’ll be able to see more events after you clear “Reconquista Tactics.”

The Chocobo Ranch introduces different kinds of Chocobos. Male Chocobos excel at attack, while female Chocobos are good at defense. During the RTS segments Chobobos can kill or be killed. Some Chocobos have 1.5 or 2 times the movement speed of others. Chocobos with a special innate ability towards battle are called “Attack Chocobos.”

Starting from chapter two there are two kinds of vegetables you can give to Chocobos when breeding.

Ghysahl Greens make the newborn Chocobo  different from the parents, while Mimmett Greens further enhance the parents’ abilities in the newborn Chocobo.

“Magic Channel” in order to receive S.O.’s one must enable this option.


After getting an event you can’t get it again.

After getting events and roaming around during your free time consumes time, which implies you might not be able to do all events.

Missions and Multiplayer

When absorbing Phantoma, a shockwave may appear. This shockwave can kill or damage enemies.

If you fail a S.O. it appears to be possible to avoid the death penalty it brings by dodging the magic circle that appears on the ground.

SP points obtained during multiplayer sessions can be spent on items and equipment.


If you’re defeated on the World Map you’ll be transported back in to town.

From the main menu you can choose to return to the Peristylium, but this appears to consume free time.

In certain parts you’ll be faced with a series of battles, generally four, where enemies will constantly be reinforced, with each reinforcement being of a higher level.

In preemptive strikes, MP consumption is lowered to 0 and party members gain the Aura buff. Surprise attacks on the other hand give you debuffs like Stop.