More info on the Piano Opera Final Fantasy IV/V/VI Album

Square Enix Music recently streamed a preview of the upcoming Piano Opera Final Fantasy IV/V/VI CD. While very little is known about the contents of the album, the stream did shed some light on it.

During the stream, they previewed a good portion of the songs that will be present. Played during the stream were:

  • Main Theme [FFIV]
  • Troian Beauty [FFIV]
  • Theme of Love [FFIV]
  • Main Theme [FFV]
  • Home Sweet Home [FFV]
  • Searching for Friends [FFVI]

They also played some clips of Red Wings [FFIV], Kefka’s Theme [FFVI], and some FFV songs (I’m not too knowledgeable at the music of this game).

Stay tuned for a more official track listing for this album soon!

Official site can be found here.