More Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Enemies Revealed!

In a microscopic scan of a recent Theatrhythm Final Fantasy article, enemy more enemies have been revealed! It’s hard to make out some of them, but others are quite recognizable.


  • Adamantoise (Various Final Fantasies)
  • Scarmiglione, Cagnazzo, Barabariccia, Rubicante (Final Fantasy IV)
  • Gesper (Final Fantasy VIII)
  • Gabranth (Final Fantasy XII)
  • Black Waltz No. 3 (Final Fantasy IV)
  • Mandragora Prince
  • Hill Gigas (Final Fantasy VI)
  • Deathgaze
  • Malboro
  • PSICOM Soldier (Final Fantasy XIII)

If anyone is able to make out all the enemies in the picture, let us know! We will update when more are recognized.