New Final Fantasy Type-0 Information

To go along with the screenshot update earlier for Final Fantasy Type-0, there is a bunch of information to go along with them! With the game releasing in only a few days, this is most likely our last update before it releases.

The latest sub characters all received an artwork for them, along with various screenshots for each.

Emina, voiced by Rie Tanaka, is a former classmate of Kurasame and Kazusa. She advanced from student to officer, though she currently does not head a class. She’s popular amongst the guys and girls, and is known for as a swimsuit collector, though it’s said no one has ever seen her in one.

Kazusa, voiced by Akira Ishida, is a researcher at Suzaku school who stands out amongst other researchers because of his own unique theories that he has. He is a former classmate of Kurasame and Emina, an though they do not head off on missions together much, they have not lost their friendship.

Quon, voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu, has the greatest level of knowledge of magic in the school. He also does not show much interest in anything but magic. He lives for the pursuit of new magic, along with the ultimate magic.

Mutsuki, voiced by Marika Matsumoto, is a genius inventor who is normally walking around with her self-made bombs.

Ryid, voiced by Masahiro Kobayashi, trains hard with the hope of developing the strength to protect others. His large size comes from the fact is mother is of Genbu (one of the three rival countries) origin.

Tiz, voiced by Hitomi Terakado, is a mysterious girl who wears the same red cloak as the students of Class 0. It seems she may have some connection to them…

Lean, voiced by Kouki Ushiyama, wears the clothing of the main invading country’s army, the Byakko army, and travels with Tiz. He also appears to have some connection to Class 0.

Chocobo Breeding

Your school has it’s own Chocobo Ranch, where you can breed Chocobos. You will be able to pair two chocobos to form another one that can be used on the world map, or during the game’s strategic world map battles. In order to breed chocobos, you will first need to catch two of the creatures. You will find them running around the world map. Once you catch a male and a female, you can speak with the Chocobo Ranch staff for help in breeding them.

As an example for breeding, you can breed a male chocobo along with a female army chocobo with a vegetable item to create an attack chocobo. Once the breeding it complete you will end up with an egg.

Monsters From the Past

Final Fantasy Type-0 features some monsters that you will recognize from previous Final Fantasy games. The screenshots show off Cactuars, Tonberries, Malboros, and Iron Giants.


Initiually you will have access to your school’s airship, which will periodically travel between preset points. Eventually though, you will get your own airship, which can be used to freely travel the world. The airship is an ancient ship that is guarded by a powerful enemy.

Once you get your own ship you will be able to dock it at your school’s docking grounds. As you fly around the world you will come under attack from enemies which you can defeat to earn gil.

Suzaku Archives

Along with your school’s Crystarium facility, where you can go to power up your characters. The Crystarium also has an archive that will allow you to recap things you have seen in the game, including video clips, characters, summons, enemies, and more.


Some new abilities also made an appearance in this bit of news.

  • Eight: Bomb Fist – burns out most of your stored ability gauge, but does great damage to an the enemy.

  • Jack: Heartless Crimson Blizzard (May not be proper translation) – Does massive damage to surrounding enemies, but drops Jack down to one HP.

  • Seven: Element Wave – Seven’s sword does magic power and unleashes fire, thunder, and water attacks. The elemental ability changes based off your analog pad inputs.

  • King: Magazine Bomb – Shoots bullets that explodes on contact.

  • Sice: Psycho Vortex – Unleashes a tornado of srots that locks on and chases enemies.

  • Deuce: Dark Requiem – Damages all enemies on the battlefield.

  • Trey: Hit and Shield – Creates a fire barrier along with a normal attack.