New Information on Final Fantasy XIII-2 From Famitsu

In this weeks Famitsu, they had an interview with Motomu Toriyama, and he revealed that development of Japanese version of the game has ended recently and the team is now working on finishing the overseas version and DLC. There is also more gameplay information coming from this interview.

Play Time

The story is split into chapters, each taking 2-3 hours. The main story can be cleared in 30-40 hours but that is not all.

There are a number of event scenes called “Paradox Endings”. By playing with the Historia Crux system and replaying different sections, you can try what different things you can do and find these Paradox Endings. Some of these event scenes wont appear until you try after beating the final boss.

By loading your last save after clearing the game, you’ll return just before the final boss and you can try and replay other areas with your more powerful characters and find these hidden Paradox Endings.

Bonuses for Final Fantasy XIII Players

For those that have a save from FFXIII, there will be a bonus item or items and a wallpaper.

Downloadable Content

The first DLC for the Japanese release will be the Omega Boss. This DLC is a preorder bonus from some retailers for the NA/EU release of the game.

In general, the game’s monster DLC will consist of boss fights at a colosseum where you can not enter in the main game. If you crystallize the monster after defeating it, you can have it in your party.

He hopes to release costumes for Noel and Serah quickly and hopes to have large scale content and content that changes the Historia Crux system as well.

They plan to release DLC through Spring of next year, every two weeks. Pricing for the DLC is not yet decided. Most of the initial DLC will be in the form of retailer specific pre-order bonuses. There are currently no plans to release these items separately.

The DLC will not affect achievements and trophies.


The soundtrack is composed by three composers, with each having different roles. Masashi Hamauzu focused on Lightning and areas from the original. Naoshi Mizuta focused on music related to Noel and Mitsuto Suzuki contributed techno pop and other modern music to the game. There are more vocal tracks in the game compared with the original.

Other Gameplay Bits

Characters and Chocobos can jump and you can improve how high your characters can jump in latter half of the game.

The puzzles you encounter in the main storyline are not difficult but some optional puzzles are so difficult that Toriyama himself cannot beat them.

If you are having issues in a battle you can switch to easy mode whenever you want.