Piano Opera Final Fantasy IV/V/VI Trailer and Tracklist

The official website for the next Piano Opera album has been opened up and includes the full track list. The Piano Opera series is another portion of the 25th Anniversary for Final Fantasy this year.

Piano Opera Final Fantasy IV/V/VI features compositions by Nobuo Uematsu arranged and performed by Hiroyuki Nakayama.

A new trailer is also available! Piano Opera Final Fantasy IV/V/VI will be released on May 16, 2012.

  • 01: Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV [Final Fantasy IV]
  • 02: The Sorrow of Parting [Final Fantasy V]
  • 03: Save Them [Final Fantasy VI]
  • 04: Red Wings ~ Kingdom Baron [Final Fantasy IV]
  • 05: Searching for Friends [Final Fantasy VI]
  • 06: My Home, Sweet Home [Final Fantasy V]
  • 07: Kefka [Final Fantasy VI]
  • 08: Theme of Love  [Final Fantasy IV]
  • 09: Final Fantasy V Main Theme [Final Fantasy V]
  • 10: Clash on the Big Bridge [Final Fantasy V]
  • 11: Dancing Mad [Final Fantasy VI]
  • 12: Troian Beauty [Final Fantasy IV]