PuPu Also Coming to Final Fantasy XIII-2

Last night we brought you the new that Gilgamesh and two new costumes would be coming soon to Final Fantasy XIII-2. Well it seems there’s one more addition to the downloadable content line-up!

PuPu, the little alien from Final Fantasy VIII, will also be making an appearance in the game. He will be taking on the role of a Medic/Healer. During the fight his UFO will float above the field and you will need to defeat it or else he keeps re-spawning. He has a 10% chance of being tamed, and will be priced at 200 Yen/240 Microsoft Points.

Some more details regarding Gilgamesh and the costumes are also available:

  • Gilgamesh will be a Commando/Attacker and priced at 400 Yen/230 Microsoft Points. He has a 25.15% tame rate.
  • Noel’s “Ezio” Assassin’s Creed outfit will cost 300 Yen/240 Microsoft Points
  • Serah’s “Exposure and Defense” outfit will be free