Sazh DLC Due Out February 28th

The next FFXIII-2 DLC has been leaked out via Japanese sources, and it has been revealed that it will feature Sazh. Following the recent Lightning & Amodar DLC release, Sazh’s Episode DLC will be out on February 28th.

The DLC itself will be priced at 600 Yen and will be called the “Casino and Sazh Compilation,” with Sazh’s episode being titled “Heads or Tails?” The DLC will also include a separate casino game (most likely the card game that various NPC’s in Serendipity/Xanadu hint towards).

It is most likely that his DLC will take place in Serendipity/Xanadu, but no full details are out yet on anything else regarding this DLC.

Noel’s black suit (given to time traveling warriors of Etro) and Serah’s swimsuit costumes are due out on February 21st, and will cost 300 Yen each.