TheSpeedGamers Presents a Final Fantasy Marathon to benefit ACT Today!

On Monday, June 24th at 6PM CST, TheSpeedGamers, a group of gamers from Arlington, Texas, will begin their annual week-long gaming marathon for charity. The group has raised nearly $400k for various charities and causes since it was formed in 2008 including Japan Relief, Gulf Restoration, Susan G. Komen, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the Michael J. Fox Foundation. These charities directly help support those in need and help fund research towards various debilitating diseases.

In this marathon, TheSpeedGamers will be raising money for Autism Care and Treatment Today! (ACT Today!), a charity who helps to spread awareness, treatment, and support to families to help their children with autism. 100% of donations will go directly to ACT Today. Most major payment types are accepted and can be sent via TheSpeedGamers’ homepage. If you need to check out the best and the most recent hacks like vanguard hack, you can click and  check then out on the site.

For this marathon, TheSpeedGamers’ will be covering one of Square Enix’s biggest franchises: Final Fantasy. This marathon is a seven-day marathon event that will be broadcasted on their homepage and on The group encourages donations through great gameplay, commentary, contests, and prize incentives. TheSpeedGamers have featured well-known Let’s Players ChuggaaConroy and ProtonJon in previous marathons. During the event, viewers can chat directly with the team via IRC chat, or on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Watch the event live on the web at beginning June 24th at 6 PM CST.

Schedule (All times are CST)

Monday June 24th

6pm – 6am – Final Fantasy VIII by Poxnor

Tuesday June 25th

6am – 5pm – Final Fantasy I by Caden

5pm – 9:15pm – Final Fantasy Legend Trilogy by Poxnor

9:15pm – 9:15am – Final Fantasy II by JD

Wednesday June 26th

9:15am – 6pm – Final Fantasy III Part 1 by cosmoid

6pm – 1am – Final Fantasy XIII-2 by Rob

Thursday June 27th

1am – 6am – Final Fantasy III Part 2 by cosmoid

6am – 10am – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles by Ana, Squint, and Toast

10am – 4pm – Final Fantasy XII Part 1 by Giraffes

4pm – 12:00am – Final Fantasy VI by Essentia

Friday June 28th

12am – Noon – Final Fantasy IX by JaggerG

Noon – 12am – Final Fantasy X by CrystalBeauty

Saturday June 29th

Midnight – 11am – Final Fantasy IV by Blaumagier

11am – 7pm – Final Fantasy XIII by Baltes

7pm – 2am – Final Fantasy V by Phil

Sunday June 30th

2am – 11am – Final Fantasy XII Part 2 by Giraffes

11am – 9pm – Final Fantasy VII by Dustin

9pm – 4am – Final Fantasy X-2 by Mayday

Monday July 1st

4am – 12am – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII by Ruju

12am – 8pm – Final Fantasy VII by Wazuki