Ultros, Typhon, and More Costumes Confirmed for Final Fantasy XIII-2

Not too long ago we mentioned about some rumors of some upcoming DLC Coliseum battles for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Well, this weeks Famitsu has confirmed the presence of some of these, along with another set of costumes

Final Fantasy VI artwork featuring Ultros, Typhon, and Terra

Ultros and Typhon from Final Fantasy VI will make their way into the coliseum as downloadable content. Both classic bosses will be rendered in full HD as 3D models and will be voiced.

Ultros can be captured 100% of the time by receiving a “Perfect” on his Cinematic Action, while Typhon will have a 15% capture chance. It seems Typhon will be summoned into the battle after you deal some amount of damage onto Ultros.

Also confirmed: Mass Effect 3 N7 Armor costumes for both characters.

Ultros, Typhon, and the costumes will be available starting March 27th in Japan, and likely the same day in North America and Europe as well.