E3 2016: Fresh Batch of Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Released

To coincide with the trailer released earlier this evening, Square Enix has released a fresh batch of new screenshots from the trailer. Featuring screens from both the full trailer and from the E3 Demo that is available for play on the show floor this week, you’ll be able to check out Noctis & Gang, Titan, Leviathan, and much more.

Final Fantasy XV launches for PS4 and XBOne on September 30, 2016.

FFXV_Afrojack_Trailer_screenshot_01 FFXV_Afrojack_Trailer_screenshot_02 FFXV_Afrojack_Trailer_screenshot_04 FFXV_Afrojack_Trailer_screenshot_05 FFXV_Afrojack_Trailer_screenshot_06 FFXV_Afrojack_Trailer_screenshot_07 FFXV_Afrojack_Trailer_screenshot_08 FFXV_Afrojack_Trailer_screenshot_09 FFXV_Afrojack_Trailer_screenshot_10 FFXV_Afrojack_Trailer_screenshot_11 FFXV_Afrojack_Trailer_screenshot_12 FFXV_E3_Demo_01 FFXV_E3_Demo_02 FFXV_E3_Demo_03 FFXV_E3_Demo_04 FFXV_Afrojack_Trailer_screenshot_03