Final Fantasy Type-0 Downloadable Content Will Be Free

In a recent Q&A, Type-0 director Hajime Tabata said that the upcoming game will not have paid downloadable content. The game will have some downloadable content, however. Free items will be offered via connectivity with Square-Enix Members. Additionally, the summer clothing that’s unlockable in the game’s demo will be available to all Square-Enix Members.

The Q&A talked about more than DLC content though.

As Tabata mentioned in the recent Gan Gan magazine, the game will be around 40 hours for the first play through. He also mentioned that if you decide to play through the game a second time, there will be a different story of sorts. He referred to it in the Q&A as an “another fight,” or another side, that’s shown on your second time through. Based off Tabata’s wording, this seems to be a large component of the game.

To alleviate fears about the game’s action elements being too difficulty, Tabata assured that the difficulty for the content required to reach the ending is low. They’ve adjusted the game so that those who play only command-based RPG’s and aren’t good at action games will be able to get through. He also noted that because this is an RPG, you can raise your level, which will make combat even easier.