Final Fantasy Type-0 Interview from Dengeki

This month’s Dengeki Playstation featured a cover of Final Fantasy Type-0, and with it some new information. A majority of the content is a news summary of all the information we know so far. In addition, a new character named Quon (voiced by Ryoutarou Okiayu) was announced. As Suzaku’s Magic Researcher, he always has the latest in relation to magic, which is basically his only interest.

Regarding the game’s world map, you are only able to go adventuring on Suzaku territory. As you come to control more territories, you’ll be able to explore more. In the school, there are several characters and objects to interact with. The tonberry is suggested. On the world map you can also see wild chocobos walking around, which you must tame in order to ride.

As far as the actual interview, a full transcript is below. It mostly focuses on the game’s large collection of characters. Thanks to Goli for the translation.

Ooe: Regarding battles, the main goal was representing war in a fantasy world. This can be seen in when you see the lives of allies, enemies and companions fade. Director Hajime Tabata stressed to the whole team about the importance of this.

Yuji: Unlike enemies in typical RPGs, using the Kill Sight system you can easily defeat enemies which creates a certain feeling of tension.

Ooe: Ace is one of the main characters but unlike the others, he has a special weapon. His attacks are suitable for begginers since they allow attacking from a distance making avoiding incoming enemy attacks easier.

Ooe: Queen is somewhere between your regular comittee member/class president/some other similar occupation, and a mass slaughter machine. She carries a sword, but that doesn’t hinder her. She’s also good with magic. During battle you can see under her skirt, which is kind of amusing.

Yuji: Nine is similar to Queen, but more focused on strength. He’s good with critical hits, which might not seem like much at first, but it gets very thrilling. Using him by
randomly having him attack everything all over the place isn’t a very good idea, however.

Yuji: Sice is like a typical dark heroine who mows down enemies.

Ooe: King is probably the second hardest character to control.
Yuji: Because he carries two small guns it might give the impression that he’s a frail and weak character, but in reality he’s quite the contrary. The closer you are to the enemy, the higher the damage dealt will be.

Yuji: Eight is my favorite character. Similarly to a beat-em’-up game, the timing along with how long you hold down the attack button plus what you input with the analog stick controls his attacks. You can also cancel his attacks to make infinite combos. Mixing all these will allow you to use his true potential.
He’s a very energetic character.

Ooe: Jack wasn’t present in the demo but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised once you play as him. This decision came from the development staff. His fighting style is similar to the Jigen-ryuu.

Yuji: Seven to me is the kind of character who likes to toy with enemies. Her fighting style allows her to do attack that cover a wide area which make her easy to use, but it might get monotonous.
Ooe: While attacking she can’t move leaving her exposed to the enemies, whcih is why evading enemy attacks and timing yours properly is key, which is fun.

Yuji: Deuce has a lot of attacks designed specifically for her. Normally the AI of your other party members has them attack enemies different than the one you’re targeting, but when Deuce plays her music they direct their attacks to the one you have locked on. This makes her a useful support character for difficult missions.

Ooe: Cinque is a character similar to Jack.
Yuji: Cinque has a low attack speed which makes it difficult to Kill Sight with, but her normal combo deals much more damage compared to the others which makes her fun to play.

Yuji: Trey is hard to describe since he uses a bow and arrows, which makes him seem very simplistic.
Ooe: Trey’s forte is long range distance attacks. If you hold down the attack button you can charge the arrows and have them deal greater damage, and extend their range. He’s better than King or Ace at taking down enemies from a distance.

Yuji: Cater was one of the characters who needed the most fine tuning. In order to differentiate her from King, we had her use a magic gun that uses special bullets
with all sorts of effects. Unlike King who can move and fire at the same time, Cater has to stop moving to shoot. To compensate, her movement speed is higher.

Yuji: Rem and Machina are also part of the group of main characters. Rem is a magic oriented character, which made her a bit overpowered at first so we had to adjust her. Unlike other characters, her magical power stat is about twice as big and she can equip two magic spells from the start.
Ooe: Her abilities allow her to replenish her own MP giving her an unlimited supply of it, which also serves to differentiate her from the rest of the characters

Yuji: Machina on the other hand isn’t a magic oriented character. His biggest feature is the ability to create a 10 hit combo with his dual rapiers. In the demo it was
a bit hard to aim, but it’s been adjusted since. During the second half of the combo, it cannot be interrupted.

Yuji: This is the first time a game has had so many different play styles and battle systems, so I hope you’ll have fun finding your own.

Ooe: This game has a very different atmosphere from others in the series, so I hope fans are able to feel all the spirit the staff put into it.

Final Fantasy Type-0 will be released in Japan on October 27, 2011 for the Playstation Portable.