Final Fantasy VII to hit Steam Soon?

Last year, Square Enix released Final Fantasy VII on their own store to a not so amazing reception, especially given that the save system only seemed to work half the time. However, it would seem a mysterious listing for Final Fantasy VII has appeared on Steam after some time of it being in the Steam files:


We have received no official word of this, but this Steam listing makes it very likely we’ll be seeing the classic re-released again soon. On the same note, Final Fantasy VIII PC has also been found in the Steam files with achievements, so we might be seeing a much needed re-release of Final Fantasy VIII soon as well! While the link visible in this search just sends you back to the front page, we’ll keep you tuned as to if this turns out to be true and Final Fantasy VII makes it’s way onto Steam.

If you would like to purchase Final Fantasy VII PC now, you can do so through the Square Enix eStore for $11.99.