Final Fantasy XIII-2 Information about Hope and Importing Save Data

It has recently been revealed that Hope will be playing an important role in the story of Final Fantasy XIII-2, according to Yoshinori Kitase.

The theme of the game is “prayer for revival/rebirth,” and as such, Hope plays an important connection to that key point during the plot. Other characters from the previous game will be making an appearance as well, however it seems Hope will be the most prominent.

Also, if you were wondering what to do with your save data from Final Fantasy XIII, hold onto it! In an interview with Xbox Japan, Yoshinori inforced the point of holding onto it.

Kitase confirmed that those who have a save data from the previous game will receive some sort of bonus item for the sequel. He wouldn’t say what, however, but stressed that the item will provide a slight bonus. Note, though, that it won’t be anything earth-shattering enough to effect the game’s balance.

With the game being release in Japan in just over a month, we’re likely to learn more information sooner rather than later.