Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Almost Finished

During a media tour in Europe, Famitsu caught up with Yoshinori Kitase. Kitase’s stops during this media tour for the game included stops in Italy, France, Spain, and London.

Fans who went to the London event were treated to around 10 minutes of new gameplay footage featuring the Sunleth Waterscape, as well as an introduction to guest battles with Snow Villiers.

Famitsu was able to ask the producer a few questions, and got a few answers. Kitase told Famitsu that the game is nearing completion, which is good, seeing as the game is just over a month from release in Japan.

Kitase also told them that he’s currently playing the game, and feels it has a nice balance between story and gameplay elements, noting that the story itself is quite epic.

When asked if a fan had said anything to him that left a lasting impression, Kitase noted that a girl asked him in Japanese, “When is [Final Fantasy] Versus XIII coming out?” to which he was not able to reply.