Final Fantasy XIII-2 Soundtrack CD Bonus DLC Announced

In a recent update to the Japanese official website, Square-Enix took the time to announce some more DLC content that will be made available for the game. If you buy Final Fantasy XIII-2’s various CD’s, you’ll receive some added accessories. The game’s single CD includes Diva’s Mic and Diva’s Headphones. The game’s mini album CD includes Goddess’s Bangles and Goddess’s  Earrings.

The Diva’s Mic and Diva’s Headphone items available with the first CD will increase item drop rate and gil earning, respectively. When combined together they create a two-accessory chain ability: rare item drop rate up. The Goddess’s Bangle and Earrings will make your character stronger and gain added magic strength. Together they will combine to make another two-accessory chain ability: increased item recovery.

If you combine all four accessories at once, you will be rewarded. With all four equipped, you will gain a four-accessory chain ability: increased CP.


What’s your thoughts on all this DLC being announced? Is it too much? Should all this just be in the game normally, without requiring extra purchases? Let us know!