Full Cast Confirmed to Return in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix has recently announced that the full cast will be returning for the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. You can check out the new images and a small bit about them below.



A young man who formerly journeyed with Serah and Mog. Blaming himself for bringing about the destruction of the world, Noel’s guilt makes him hide away from society. He ceaselessly works to maintain public order from the cover of darkness and has come to be known as the “Shadow Hunter”.


Lightning appears before Noel, just as the Oracle Drives predicted. It seems that the images showed the truth all along…?
The Lightning that Noel remembers from before is nowhere to be seen. She rushes to the attack without hesitation and Noel finds himself driven to his knees. Has Lightning really discarded her humanity completely?

Noel attacks with rapid and unpredictable strikes. His blows are fueled by many powerful and conflicting emotions, such as determination for the future of the people and anger at the promise he failed to fulfill.

Noel also has attacks which inflict status anomalies in his repertoire, so Lighting will have to observe his every movement, and fight carefully.


The crumbling remains of Academia, once known as one of humanities greatest cities. This was the spot from which Chaos first flowed into the world 500 years ago. Due to its proximity the area has taken great damage and is now in the advanced stages of dilapidation.


The temple building from Valhalla, the world of the dead, can be found in a corner of the Wildlands. The followers of Etro have built a settlement before the temple itself, and live out a tranquil existence there.


The Shadow Hunter’s hideout lies in the darkest depths of the Warren. Forbidding words are scrawled across the walls in human blood but what could they possibly mean…?


The Warren is the dark hidden face of the shining City of Light, a twisting slum populated by criminals and followers of the heretical cult, “The Children of Etro”. 


After descending to Luxerion, the City of Light, Lightning finds the people living an existence plagued by fear with a brutal serial killer in their midst. She decides to get to the bottom of the incidents and sets off to investigate.
The flyers that the culprit is thought to have distributed. Is there some kind of link between the murderer and the script used on them?

Lightning follows a suspicious group, but what she sees when she finally tracks them down brings shock and surprise…


It seems that the mysterious white-clad group known as the “Children of Etro” is connected to the incidents.

Lightning finally tracks Noel down, but her path is blocked by obstacles and the fanatical followers of the Children of Etro.


Yeul appears before Lightning and begs her to save Caius. What could Yeul’s request to inflict pain on him possibly mean…?

A young woman known as the “Priestess of the Farseers” who possesses the ability to see fragments of the future to come. She asks a particular favor of Lightning.



Having lost someone dear to him through his own actions and damned the world to destruction, Noel was filled with nothing but guilt and regret. His smile disappeared forever and he locked his heart away in the darkness.


Lightning was defeated by Caius long ago, but Is her challenging him again simply an attempt to vindicate her honor or something else entirely…?

The man who fought and defeated Lightning 500 years ago in Valhalla, the world of the dead. He holds within himself the heart of Etro, the goddess of death, and was the one responsible for releasing the insidious Chaos energy – by piercing that heart during his battle with Noel and Serah.


Snow Villiers is Lightning’s brother in law and they once fought together as sworn allies. Is there no way to save Snow’s soul other than to fight him…?

Snow uses no weapons and fights bare handed. His combat style has not changed but his fists are now charged with ice and Chaos power, making each blow cause great damage.