Hajime Tabata Still Hopes to Bring Final Fantasy Type-0 West

It has been nearly two years since Final Fantasy Type-0 was released in Japan. However it seems there is still hope. Hajime Tabata recently spoke with US Gamer and has said that due to fan demand and the changing portable market, Square Enix may be looking to release the game on PlayStation Network.


With the recent announcement of Final Fantasy Agito for mobile devices – which will more than likely make it overseas – Type-0 saw a localization some time ago in English and other various European languages, however it remained unreleased due to “logistical reasons.” Tabata hopes to bring both Agito and Type-0 to Western audiences. While an official localization hasn’t yet been greenlit within Square Enix for a potential PlayStation Network release, Tabata states that it is in the final stages of planning at this time.


However, he still made sure to issue a caution – as of now, nothing is guaranteed, but citing fan feedback, Tabata remains passionate about a renewed interest in the game overseas.