More Previews From Piano Opera–Final Fantasy IV/V/VI Available

The website for the Piano Opera – Final Fantasy IV/V/VI album has updated once again, this time making available previews from all 12 tracks! You can view the track list below and the official site here.

  • 01: Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV [Final Fantasy IV]
  • 02: The Sorrow of Parting [Final Fantasy V]
  • 03: Save Them [Final Fantasy VI]
  • 04: Red Wings ~ Kingdom Baron [Final Fantasy IV]
  • 05: Searching for Friends [Final Fantasy VI]
  • 06: My Home, Sweet Home [Final Fantasy V]
  • 07: Kefka [Final Fantasy VI]
  • 08: Theme of Love  [Final Fantasy IV]
  • 09: Final Fantasy V Main Theme [Final Fantasy V]
  • 10: Clash on the Big Bridge [Final Fantasy V]
  • 11: Dancing Mad [Final Fantasy VI]
  • 12: Troian Beauty [Final Fantasy IV]

Piano Opera – Final Fantasy IV/V/VI will go on sale May 16, 2012.