Newest Round of Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Dated for May 15th

It seems that Playstation’s Taiwan site has revealed their pricing for the upcoming DLC batch for Final Fantasy XIII-2, along with the reveal of the release date. While we don’t have an official announcement for Japan, North America or Europe yet, this is a good indication. Please note that the follow Japanese pricing is an estimate:

  • Snow and Valfodr: NT$152 (¥400)
  • Lightning’s Requiem of the Goddess DLC episode: NT$228 (¥600)
  • Serah’s White Mage costume: NT$114 (¥300)
  • Noel’s Black Mage costume: NT$114 (¥300)
  • Moogle 16 piece costume set: NT$114 (¥300)

We should hear word on other regions pricing, and if in fact they will be released next week, soon.