New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Information from Famitsu

This week’s Famitsu covers a bunch of new information from the game’s story, Historia Crux, and Crystarium system. A lot of the Crystarium details have already been covered, though Famitsu reconfirms some details. You’ll be able to select skills as a reward for leveling up within a set role, and monster allies will level up with items.

As far as Historia Crux goes, there are two types of gates. Blue colored gates can be unlocked through general “Wild Artefacts,” while Yellow gates need a specific key to use it.

There are a total of 160 fragments within the game. To see how many you’ve collected you can look in the upper left of the Historia Crux screen. While cycling through the gates on the Historia Crux screen, you can see how many fragments you’ve found from each area.

Famitsu also introduced a strange building known as “Augustia Tower.” This was built by the Academy (the group that was formed to make the people of the world acquire essentials without the aid of fal’Cie) for an undisclosed project. Because of disturbances in the space time continuum, the rooms and halls of this building are changing.