Official Final Fantasy XI Youtube Channel Opens

Square-Enix has recently split off their Final Fantasy XI videos off to a separate channel on Youtube. They’ve done this before for their Final Fantasy XIV videos. The channel, the Official Final Fantasy XI channel, features all the promotional videos and trailers for the game so far, along with some footage from a Fan fest …

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Final Fantasy Type-0 Hits Famitsu

Final Fantasy Type-0 has taken over the most recent issue of Famitsu. The game is featured on the cover, and also got a review from the magazine, scoring a 39/40 (which is also what Final Fantasy XIII received). Check out the scans below! Final Fantasy Type-0 will be released October 27, 2011 in Japan. Source: …

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah’s DLC Weapon Image Released

Famitsu has released an image of Serah’s DLC weapon, Seraphic Wing. The weapon is available to those who pre-order Final Fantasy XIII-2 from Lawson’s (in Japan). When you attack with the weapon, it converts the damage dealt to enemies into an HP boost for Serah. Source: Famitsu

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Commercials Hit Japan

AKB48, a group who is test playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan, has released two commercials about the game. The first one, focused in Eden and on the Playstation 3 version, shows a small clip of new battle footage, as well as the game over screen. The other one focuses on the Sunleth Waterscape, and …

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Soundtrack CD Bonus DLC Announced

In a recent update to the Japanese official website, Square-Enix took the time to announce some more DLC content that will be made available for the game. If you buy Final Fantasy XIII-2’s various CD’s, you’ll receive some added accessories. The game’s single CD includes Diva’s Mic and Diva’s Headphones. The game’s mini album CD …

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Official Final Fantasy XIII-2 Website Updated, Adds Snow and Sunleth Waterscape

The official Japanese Final Fantasy XIII-2 website has received an update recently. Added to the site was information on Snow Villiers and Sunleth Waterscape, as well as updated DLC information. You can check out the site here. Image Source: miladesn (Twitter) Nova Crystallis

Screenshots from Final Fantasy XIII-2’s New York Comic Con Trailer

In case you haven’t already seen the latest trailer, you can check it out here. Otherwise, you can check out the images below from the trailer!

New Theatrhythm Gameplay Video and Wallpaper

Square-Enix has recently updated the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy website with some additional gameplay videos, as well as a new wallpaper. The gameplay videos show off Event, Field, and Battle stages. In Event stages, the player will be playing the song while viewing a cutscene. Field stages will have you travelling through various Final Fantasy areas. …

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New Final Fantasy Type-0 Commercial

With just over a week left til its release in Japan, Square-Enix has kicked off a commercial campaign for Final Fantasy Type-0. Unlike the previous, voice acted ones, this one is actually a commercial. Check it out below! Source: Andriasang

New Batch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

A new batch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots has been made available. The screenshots mainly focus on Snow, but also show off some of the menu’s. You can also see some of the monsters in action. Source: Final Fantasy Network